La Sambuy

Live the mountain with your family

May 31, 2022

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La Sambuy, family resort

Live a nature weekend with your family
Want to share a family weekend around nature? Here are some tips for make the most of a few days of freedom accompanied by your little ones, by in the heart of the mountains.
More and more of you want to escape into nature rather than going to the city… And above all, wanting to stay in France! It is less far, more practical in
terms of organization, and often cheaper. So let's enjoy the variety of landscapes of France this summer! During this break, take the time to discover with your minis everything
that this beautiful country has to offer, let your pupils (it goes for the little ones as for the adults) marvel at the horizon, and experience the slow life! And it's good
since the resort of La Sambuy is ideal for testing all these family adventures, and allow everyone to find their happiness.
Hike with your kids
The Sambuy site is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site! And what better for enjoy the view than a nice hike? Many itineraries are possible, either by
starting from the bottom of the station for the bravest, either by using the chairlift which takes you will take you directly to 1800 meters above sea level. Of course, for any questions, the
Station staff remain available and will be able to direct you to the best places.
This easy access to the mountain will allow you to avoid the first 700 meters of elevation gain positive, while giving you access to wonderful landscapes, the great outdoors, facing the
mountains. Enough to amaze the peepers of your loupiots!

Spend the night in an unusual setting
Why not push the nature experience to the end by choosing an accommodation unusual for your holidays? For this, two solutions (in addition to super hotels, lodges and
guest rooms available all around the resort): first of all, the Favre refuge.
This cabin can accommodate up to 5 people in a magnificent chalet setting offering both sobriety (no running water, jerry cans provided) and comfort (electric heaters). Also, the Val Tamié campsite, located just 8km away,
incredibly natural and green, perfect for your first experiences of sleeping outside with the kids!
Enjoy outdoor activities
A trip to the mountains is also an opportunity to try out new activities! Upper we were talking about the hike, but on the fun side, you will also have something to reward the most
children: outdoor escape game, summer tobogganing, summer biathlon, tubby jump, snowtubing... You you won't have time to get bored! And icing on the cake… On site, you will find
also a via ferrata: take a little more height to admire the landscape and taste the pleasures of climbing. Guides are available to accompany you throughout
around the estate: discover the smallest tree in the world, marmots or even the Bouchasse mountain pasture.
Choose the right equipment
Enjoying nature is good, but with the right equipment, it's even better! Of the walking shoes, a backpack, a hiking baby carrier... And above all, let's not forget
the essentials, for adults and children: sunscreen, hat or cap, and glasses Category 3 sun protection, to effectively filter the sun's UV rays. In the middle of summer, the hike is often
prone to sunstroke. Also remember to hydrate yourself: there are water bottles suitable for children, non-slip, with a stopper for easier drinking, and the right size
to hold them well.
A good reason to go outside
It is thanks to this kind of experience, all together, that you will be able to offer your children this “taste of the outside”, who knows, maybe a future Madeleine de Proust! The fact of taking advantage of
outside, playing, frolicking, letting off steam... This is what will allow them to develop their open-mindedness and their imagination. These elements are very important in education and
the development of the little ones! You will quickly see for yourselves, they will take a liking to it and will ask for more. Nature has this particularity of being able to offer wonder, activity
sports, and quasi-therapeutic virtues. That's why at any age, it's always a pleasure to return to the mountains: we are waiting for you!

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